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Sunday, February 15, 2009

here she is ... my ferris wheel

L.A. love

A quick note to say I have been living/breathing/creating in Santa Monica upon my return from the U.K. early January, where I am working on two portraits for Evolvement Productions. 

These projects have been intensively rewarding, being very 'value-creating' as we would say in Buddhist terms, as we are depicting the lives of two men, in all their simplicity, grandeur, happy and sad memories... highlighting, under the keen eye of Evolvement's founder Karine Petit, the life lessons and guidances weaving their way out of these men's stories. It has been a real pleasure to gather music for their soundtracks, from traditional folk music of Quebec (Vigneault, etc) to great classical composers, and a little escapade towards some Gershwin and vintage Fantasia footage ... These are the first two pieces I am doing in my own language, about my people, my roots, my land, and my music. Quite the comeback ... 

Stay tuned for more news. Coming up next : the 2009 reel, and a MFA application on the way