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Friday, May 8, 2009

Nowa Cumig

Just finished the new Nowa Cumig Institute promo film, featuring excerpts from the Sacred Run 06, Longest Walk 08, Clean up Mother Earth Tour with Mary Sano, Tony Chapman & Dennis Banks, as well as the feature du jour, the Great Anishinabe Canoe Race Yamamoto Cup.

Amidst the waves of the Leech Lake in Ojibwe territory, Minnesota, then into the wonder land of Tokyo Japan and the Chiba prefecture where the master canoers, if that is a word, were taken for their grand prix.
Once the film has been screened in Japan in the coming week, a link to the video will be posted.

Photo below : yours truly on the roof of Omote Sando Hills, with M. Yamamoto, benefactor absolute of Nowa Cumig and namesake of the Yamamoto Cup. Photo by Takeo Koshikawa.