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Friday, January 14, 2011

High On Life book is PUBLISHED !

So, I was asked a while ago to write my story as being one of the 100 Canadians to be awarded the top level Millenium Scholarships, for excellence in academic life and achievements/innovation in my community, etc etc. I wrote a chapter for this book called The High on Life book, which I just took my first glance at today. The book's foreword was written by former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and is currently on a book tour in Canada (the book, not the prime minister :P), as well as being distributed on both major networks and ...  Check it out .. :) and buy it HERE !!

Monday, January 10, 2011

link : artist Cloud Face

Navajo/Hopi hiphop instrumentalist, dancer/bboy, painter and human being extraordinaire, on top of being my new collaborator. Go check him out  :    Cloud Face  and see his SoundCloud .. CloudFace has also just done a remix of Bilal's track #Robots, which you can also check out HERE !

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

... and by the way ...

HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2011, Year of the Bunny, should be promising. In the cards : rekindling with the idea of doing live mixing w fellow DJ, artist and hiphop instrumentalist CloudFace, a collaboration with Japanese singer Kirilola, and a little pick up truck that should be taking me into 4WD territory for contemporary footage of ancient sites.. Montreal, Tokyo, L.A... more paint, more vinyls, and a mini home recording studio are also on their way.. let this be the most exuberant, creative, sunlit, color splashed year of our LIVES

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