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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wonder Chamber no 2 begins

Last week saw the 'official' launch of the creative process, this time in terms of making sonar ambiances and recording beats loops (in a creative collaboration between marie-michele jasmin-belisle and ffortissimo studios), for the second piece in my 'Wonder Chambers' series.

Wonder Chamber no 2 will delve into the misty nights of Britain, the sea port of Whitby and its Dracula-inspiring sceneries (it is indeed where Bram Stoker came, in 1890 to write his masterpiece on the Transylvannian count), the 199 church stairs, the ruins of the Abbey, and the alledged tomb of the famed vampire, its stone skulls and arabesques covered in moss ... meet Whitby in all its dark glory ...

And then, stroll down the flashy yellow trailer of a 'gyspsy' fortune teller, which probably hasn't been painted since the 40s, the trendy coffee shops with luscious Edwardian wallpapers, the Audi R8 parked in front of the 'M' lounge, the salons de thé, my wooden Buddha covered in gold leaf bought at an antique store for 5 pounds ...

These are but ideas and memories which may or may not end up in Wonder Chamber no 2. Overall, this is going to be an ode to the Old World, with trip hop beats and pixilated nights.

Some shots from the beginning stages :

Saturday, January 2, 2010

recoloring the wwww

the new exciting project of the holidays, revamping mah web presence .. some photos of the work in progress :D