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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wonder Chamber no. 1 : Japan

This is my very new piece,
 the first in a series i had been dying to do for years - the Wonder Chambers. 

This series was inspired by a museum exhibit I saw years ago with my beautiful friend Eri, one fresh night of August, at the Museum of Art and Science in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

The exhibit reminded me of the Renaissance experiments with shadow boxes, and highlighting/dissecting/studying little microcosms rather than just the big picture - focusing on the detail of the wing of a dragonfly, for example, and making a whole painting out of it. 

So there was born my wonder chambers, little video pieces meant to be opened like a treasure box, with a tiny piece in there - in this case, the piece being my respectful hommage to the monks and temples of Japan, and to nam myoho renge kyo, the mystic law of the Lotus Sutra. 

enjoy :)