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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Juliette & Chocolat, some winter day in Montréal

In the recent weeks, I have been thinking about my use of this blog (primarily for news), and, parallel to that, the incredible amount of chronicling I do on a daily basis.. documenting my life, my surroundings, the people I see, the places where I eat, the beauty of a detail, the quote scribbled on a wall that nobody noticed, the design at the bottom of my cup of tea...

So, as I sat here at Juliette &Chocolat, a trendy spot where one may order all types of chocolate to drink (yes, I did say 'to drink'), I thought about all that, while in the process of documenting with my iPhone the quite incredible display of lights and the funky servers' hats. And so I decided, that instead of just being some sort of news channel for me via 8h51, I would transform this blog into a forum for the creative process, and an outlet for these chronicles.

As I pondered all of this, I had a cup of herbal tea, precisely 'Mayan chocolate with red pepper sparkles', which seemed quite appropriate considering I had just recently watched 'Chocolat' with the admirable Juliette Binoche and her fabulous counterpart, M. Johnny Depp, who in the movie admits to Mayan hot chocolate 'and a sparkle of chili pepper' being his favorite drink. Synchronicity, synchronicity.

After an interesting moment of creating eclipses of light and ying yang symbols at the bottom of my tea cup, I wrote down this quote, printed on the great mirror greating all visitors at the entrance of their little hot spot on Laurier street, in the Mile End quarter of Montreal :

(loosely translated) 'Happy is the chocolate, which, after traveling the world through the smiles of women, meets death in a delicious kiss and melts in their mouth' _ Brillat Savarin

So, I am offering the new spirit of this blog not as a crowned writer, but rather as a blessed child of the New World, blessed to live an exciting life, mostly on the road, between great deserts and little urban worlds like this one; a life I will do my best to share with ya'll.

On this, I am exiting through the blood-colored velvet curtains, leaving my little black kettle behind, and stepping right back into the great big adventure that is winter in Montreal.

Good night ! x

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Le Soul Reel 2010

It's finally here ! :P