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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lovers bridge

A young man fell in love with a girl from town. He had little means and no title, and his lover's father would not give him her hand. So he decided to leave for the continent to go fight for his country and come back later with the necessary fortune to marry the one he loved. The night before his departure, the lovers had decided to meet at the river to say goodbye. The water was usually alway low enough for them to cross and meet each other, but this time as they both came towards their respective shores they realized the storm of the previous night had made the water wild and the current too strong to cross. They had to say their goodbyes with a river between them. The young man left for some years, and came back with all the means necessary, having become a notable pirate- the quickest way to riches back in the day. The first thing he did upon his return and marrying his lady was to build this bridge, so that never again would lovers be parted by the river. #truestory #yorkshire #england

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